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Thai Immigration has recently changed the rules for visa issuance. Thai Business visa extensions are now more difficult to obtain

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Indonesia is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia as it boasts some of the most serene beaches as well as the hottest nightlife. Many who travel to Indonesia are awestruck by the sights as well as the atmosphere. As many Americans become more akin to living in a global society more and more travelers find themselves meeting the love of their life in a location they never would have expected.

Those seeking a US Family Visa from Indonesia are wise to seek counsel from a licensed American attorney as the visa process can be highly complex and many find themselves in legally perilous situations due to fundamental misunderstandings about United States immigration law. Those researching US Family Immigration for the first time are often unaware of the different visa categories that are available to Indonesian loved ones of American Citizens.

The US Marriage Visa is often misunderstood by those seeking American Immigration for the first time. The spouse of a US Citizen could be entitled to immigration benefits under one of three visa categories: the CR1 visa, the IR1 visa, and, possibly, the K3 visa. The CR1 visa is available to the spouse of an American Citizen if the couple has been married for less than 2 years at the time of petition submission. The IR1 visa is nearly identical to the CR1 visa, from a legal perspective, except that the IR1 visa grants unconditional lawful permanent residence to the bearer upon entry while the CR1 grants conditional status for 2 years. Finally, the K3 visa may be available to the spouse of a US Citizen, but recently promulgated National Visa Center (NVC) regulations provide for “administrative closure” of K3 visa applications if the applicant’s underlying Immigrant visa petition arrives at the NVC prior to, or at the same time as, the K3 visa petition. In practice, few, if any, K3 visas are currently being issued due to the NVC’s new policy.

The US fiance visa is often more quickly obtainable, but the downside of this type of visa is that it requires the applicant to adjust status to lawful permanent residence in the United States after marriage. Therefore, an Indonesian fiancee of an American Citizen, after traveling to the USA on her K1 visa, must marry the American Petitioner and submit an application to adjust status to lawful permanent residence before she will be able to reside in the US permanently. For many, time is an issue as many people wish to be reunited with their loved ones as quickly as possible. However, it is always wise to speak to a competent American attorney prior to making any decisions regarding US Immigration as there are many possibilities that most couples do not initially consider when making their decision to immigrate to the USA.

For further information about Consular Processing, particularly regarding the K1 Visa Indonesia, please see:  US Embassy Indonesia.

Thailand Business Setup

Thailand Business Setup

Thai Company registration and incorporation can be a difficult process; Integrity Legal can assist in Company Setup in Thailand.

Thai Business Setup

Marriage in Thailand

Marriage Thailand

Getting Married in Thailand has never been easier. Integrity Legal's Thai lawyers can assist in executing a legal marriage in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Marriage in Thailand

USA Visa From Thailand

USA Visa From Thailand

Integrity Legal is equipped to assist with US Immigration from Thailand. We Specialize in K1 Fiance Visas for Thais as well as K3 Marriage Visas.

US Visa Thailand


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