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Bangkok Thailand is one of the great cities of the modern world. With 12 million people living in Bangkok the city is definitely one of the most populous locations on Earth. Bangkok is also one of the most cosmopolitan locations one could visit. A days journey around Bangkok, or Krung Thep as it is known to Thais, would produce cuisine, culture, and art from around the globe. Bangkok certainly has the most vibrant nightlife of any city in Asia. The evening streets in Bangkok are adorned with lights, sounds, and smells that transform Bangkok from a modern city into an exotic playground-metropolis.

As a trading center, the city of Bangkok has been the gateway to Siam (Thailand). Also, Bangkok has been a major crossroads for all trade in Asia and therein lies the key to Bangkoks global importance. A major portion of traded goods involved in international transactions occurring in Southeast Asia pass through Bangkok, either on their way to other parts of Thailand, other parts of Asia, or other parts of the world.

Tourists visiting Bangkok are often initially in awe of the overwhelming complexity of Bangkok. Other travelers fall in love with Bangkok the moment they arrive on the scene. The reason for the instant infatuation with Bangkok would seem to be based upon a few factors: the pleasant people, the low cost of Bangkok compared to other cities worldwide, and the marriage of the ancient and modern found on every street one walks in Bangkok. However, Bangkok can be a frustration as well as a fancy if one does not know how to get things done properly. Navigating the intricate and byzantine complexities of Thai law can be daunting for many, especially since the law is written in Thai. This is why it is often necessary to retain a competent Bangkok Lawyer in Thailand.

Lawyer in ThailandA Bangkok Lawyer can assist in sorting out all sorts of legal issues in Thailand. Since Bangkok is the capital of Thailand a Bangkok Lawyer can submit requests and applications using the much more streamlined government offices located in Bangkok. Everyday in Bangkok, lawyers handle cases in all areas of both foreign and domestic Thai law. Bangkok Lawyers will often be seen not only in court, but at Embassies, Ministries, police stations, land offices, and district (Amphur) offices. These lawyers are going about the business of processing legal documents, obtaining certified translations, and applying for and receiving various government licenses us from Ministries located in Bangkok.

Thailand courts have historically been very precise in their application of Thai law. At the same time government bureaucrats both in Bangkok and throughout Thailand have a great deal of discretion in approving and rejecting applications and petitions. The upshot of this situation is that while one might be within the letter of the law when applying for licenses and documentation, the Thai officer in charge of approving or denying the application, whether located in Bangkok or elsewhere, can still deny it. This is where a Bangkok lawyer comes in handy: a Bangkok lawyer can diplomatically deal with the government official in Thai while at the same time ensuring that the legalities and formalities comport with Thai law and the clients interests. A Bangkok Lawyer can also be helpful to those living in other parts of Thailand because a Bangkok lawyer can assist with obtaining documents that cannot be retrieved in the outlying provinces of Thailand.

licensed lawyerAnother advantage of using a Bangkok lawyer is the fact that the US Embassy is located in Bangkok . As in most countries, the highest ranking diplomats are stationed in the capital; because Bangkok is the capital of Thailand many Embassies and consulates are located there. The US Embassy is no exception; the United States and Thailand enjoy one of the longest diplomatic relationships in history. A Bangkok lawyer, especially in conjunction with a US Attorney living in Bangkok, can be extremely helpful especially in the area of obtaining official translations for an Embassy.

Each year many Thai-US couples meet in Bangkok and travel to the United States either for a short trip or to spend their lives together. A Bangkok Lawyer with experience in US Immigration can assist a couple with the
US Visa process from beginning to end.

It is always recommended that anyone with legal issues in Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand, either small or significant, should contact a good lawyer to have the matter addressed properly. A lawyer in Bangkok can assist in all manner of ways. A Bangkok Lawyer in a firm with foreign trained lawyers can be even more helpful because the combination of both lawyers legal knowledge can be a major asset to the client, Contact Integrity Legal for more information about retaining the services of a Bangkok Lawyer.

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Thailand Business Setup

Thailand Business Setup

Thai Company registration and incorporation can be a difficult process; Integrity Legal can assist in Company Setup in Thailand.

Thai Business Setup

Marriage in Thailand

Marriage Thailand

Getting Married in Thailand has never been easier. Integrity Legal's Thai lawyers can assist in executing a legal marriage in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Marriage in Thailand

USA Visa From Thailand

USA Visa From Thailand

Integrity Legal is equipped to assist with US Immigration from Thailand. We Specialize in K1 Fiance Visas for Thais as well as K3 Marriage Visas.

US Visa Thailand


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