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US Criminal Convictions and Warrants: American Extradition from Thailand

Whether major or minor, criminal warrants and/or convictions in the United States can cause substantial difficulties for Americans living in Thailand. Things as seemingly insignificant as pending traffic tickets can lead to bench warrant or arrest warrant issuance for one who committed an infraction in an American jurisdiction. In some cases, Americans in Thailand have pending criminal matters in the US. Leaving a criminal matter to languish could result in further criminal penalties. Therefore, it is usually beneficial to deal with any criminal matter as it arises.

Failure to properly deal with an American criminal case or answer an American criminal warrant could lead to an American being unable to obtain a new United States Passport from the American Citizen Services Section of the US Embassy Thailand. Further, one with a pending arrest warrant could be detained upon entry into the United States and forced to deal with the matter on a schedule that may not be convenient. As the Kingdom of Thailand and the United States of America have an extradition treaty, simply remaining in the Kingdom will not necessarily preclude the American authorities from detaining a suspect and gaining jurisdiction over him or her. It is wise to take affirmative steps toward resolving a criminal issue as failure to do so could make matters worse.

Many people in the Kingdom of Thailand seek US Visas each year. Those with pending arrest warrants or previous convictions who are seeking United States Immigration benefits would be wise to resolve these outstanding issues before applying for benefits. In many cases, prior criminal activity could result in a finding of inadmissibility which may be remedied by an I601 waiver. That being said, expert legal counsel should be consulted in such scenarios as each case is unique and the ramifications for visa applicants could be crucial if prior criminal convictions or warrants exist.

For those with pending arrest warrants or previous criminal convictions in the United States of America who have specific questions are advised to contact a licensed American attorney. Integrity Legal is a firm with offices in the United States and Thailand. Integrity Legals Managing Director is licensed to practice law in United States Federal District Court and has many contacts in the American legal community. If necessary, our firm can refer a client to a criminal attorney in the USA, act as a liaison between our client and another American attorney, or, if necessary, communicate directly with United States government authorities. Contact Integrity Legal to explore options and strategies for dealing with an America criminal matter. All correspondence between an attorney and a client is confidential.

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Thailand Business Setup

Thailand Business Setup

Thai Company registration and incorporation can be a difficult process; Integrity Legal can assist in Company Setup in Thailand.

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Marriage in Thailand

Marriage Thailand

Getting Married in Thailand has never been easier. Integrity Legal's Thai lawyers can assist in executing a legal marriage in the Kingdom of Thailand.

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USA Visa From Thailand

USA Visa From Thailand

Integrity Legal is equipped to assist with US Immigration from Thailand. We Specialize in K1 Fiance Visas for Thais as well as K3 Marriage Visas.

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