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Thai Immigration has recently changed the rules for visa issuance. Thai Business visa extensions are now more difficult to obtain

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Employment Based (EB-5) Visa for Taiwanese Nationals seeking an Investment visa to the USA

Employment Based (EB-5) Visa for Taiwanese Nationals seeking an Investment visa to the USA

The EB-5 visa is sometimes considered to be a very desirable travel document for Taiwanese beneficiaries as it confers Lawful Permanent Resident status (also known as Green Card status) upon the bearer. Lawful Permanent Residence permits individuals to reside and work in the USA. Bearing this in mind, the EB-5 visa is designed for those who bring genuine benefits to the United States either in the form of highly sought after skills or investment of capital resources for eligible business ventures in the United States of America. Many US States have ongoing programs which may meet legal eligibility criteria for EB-5 visa issuance. However, making a determination about ultimate approval in either a visa petition or application coming before either USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service) or a United States Mission abroad, respectively, cannot be guaranteed by anyone as outcomes in adjudications of US Immigration petitions and/or applications cannot be predetermined. Therefore, as US Consular Officers abroad and USCIS adjudicators in any location make decisions on an individual basis; assistance of seasoned immigration counsel can prove to be of benefit in compiling and preparing documentation in the form of evidence in support of pending US visa applications or US immigration petitions as such counsel can provide insight into the rules applicable to a given case.

Licensed counsel with experience in American immigration can provide insight into the rather byzantine, complicated, somewhat convoluted, yet narrow body of jurisprudence that comprises American Immigration law. As American Immigration law is statutory and somewhat regulatory in nature expertise in immigration law and the regulations which are executed in support of the overall statutory scheme for dealing with American immigration related matters can prove beneficial to clients of both foreign nationality or to those holding United States Citizenship or Lawful Permanent Residence.

Taiwan and the US have a unique and amicable relationship that has proven to be economically rewarding to those of both extractions. At the same time, commercial activity in the Asia-Pacific region of the world continues to drive the growth of economies in Mainland Asia, Southeast Asia, and Southern Asia. All of these factors could conclude with an influx of foreign capital investment in America from nations such as: Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China, and Thailand.

As Pan-Pacific commercial relations continue to thrive in a vast number of sectors many Taiwanese enterprises and individuals have begun researching possible opportunities to be gained by investing capital and technological aptitude in companies and ventures located in the United States. Also, bi-lateral commercial and corporate relationships between the US and many countries throughout Asia continue to replicate new methods of creating new business models and efficiencies resulting in positive feedback loops of mutually profitable relationships resulting in relatively continuous mutual prosperity well into future decades.

The EB-5 Visa is an example of one of the best investment and commercial opportunities to have been promulgated during the relatively recent history of the United States of Americas socio-economic and political presence in Asia. The singularly innovative business models created as a by-product of this program could continue to perpetuate well into the foreseeable future.

For information about applying for an EB-5 Visa from Taiwan, please contact Integrity Legal (Thailand) Co. Ltd. at: 1-877-231-7533, +66 (0)2-266-3698, or [email protected].

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